Case Studies

Engaging videos to optimise shared knowledge

Vicky Jones, Chief Executive at Fenturi, talks about how we re-energised knowledge sharing within a large global company. Using digital learning, Fenturi provided a solution that had never been seen before in the industry and it also picked up a prestigious industry accolade for best use of learning technology.

Improving skills for better performance.

Vicky Jones, Chief Executive at Fenturi, describes how we crafted a digital learning solution for a global energy company wanting to make significant changes to their operational process. Fenturi designed a digital learning programme that unified processes and teams across the globe.

Delivering code of conduct for a global client.

Vicky Jones, Chief Executive at Fenturi, talks us through how Fenturi brought a fresh perspective to a code of conduct covering topics such as cure and diversity. Through digital learning we ensured it wasn’t just a set of rules, it was a way of life for this global logistics company.

How we saved a client £500k.

Vicky Jones, Chief Executive at Fenturi, discusses how a global leader in airport performance saved £500,000 by using digital learning to their advantage. Although they didn’t set out with reducing costs as an objective, Fenturi created a beautiful e-Learning solution that delivered brilliant results.