Customer Experience

In today’s competitive landscape, superior customer service is not only beneficial, but essential. Customer experiences shape buying behaviour and brand loyalty, whether it’s a poorly handled support query or an exciting product demonstration on the shop floor.

Todays connected consumers are quick to rate their experiences online, and while glowing feedback can do wonders for your revenue, it only takes one negative review to tarnish your image and put your business at risk.

The way your business communicates with its customers should be in line with your company values; it should represent your brand and your vision. Customer service training should focus on inspiring and motivating your customer-facing employees: this is the key to creating a unified, positive experience for the customer – an experience that differentiates you from the competition. If organisations seek to gain a reputation for delivering outstanding customer experiences, classroom based training coupled with click-through screens may not be the answer.

In order to gain and retain business, your organisation should place customer service training at the heart of its strategy. With a range of new tools and techniques readily available to explore, leaders should seek to create immersive learning experiences that empower employees, providing a platform for them to practice and develop their skills in a meaningful and measurable way.

Our approach

Countless organisations across the globe are now integrating learning technologies into customer service training, maximising the opportunities that the digital age provides. At Fenturi, we harness these immersive technologies to design learning journeys that not only prepare customer-facing employees, but excite them.

We do it by getting to know you; taking the time to understand your brand, your people and your unique position in the market. After exploring ideas in a creative design lab, we will collaborate with your key people to develop a completely bespoke learning experience that delivers lasting change and boosts customer retention rates.

It’s time to toss out the scripts and consider how you can build brand unity and exceptional communication skills throughout your entire organisation: when you’re ready to make the change, we’re here to make it happen.

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