Going Global

Going global brings clear strategic benefits: access to new markets, new suppliers and new partners.

However, expanding internationally is a journey paved with pitfalls. Effectively communicating your strategy to the workforce is the key to mitigating the risks associated with global expansion, but this in itself can pose a strategic challenge.

If your business is about to take the leap into the global market, creating a unified culture throughout your organisation is imperative for international success. Unfortunately for many businesses, this is much easier said than done. With such a significant transition ahead, how can you to retain your brand image abroad and ensure staff from offices across the globe are living and breathing the company values?

As the economic spotlight shifts to developing markets, global organisations must adopt a new approach in their learning and development strategies to flourish in the face of change.

Our approach

Over the years, Fenturi has helped a myriad of ambitious organisations through the risk-heavy journey to global success. By designing and deploying immersive learning experiences that truly engage employees, we have helped to build a shared vision and encourage innovation across entire organisations. So how do we do it?

It all starts with you. We know that when it comes to handling the realities of rapid growth in a global market, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The opportunities and challenges that lie ahead will depend on your unique business model, company history and organisational strategy. That’s why we will always give you the opportunity to share your story, voice your concerns and define your objectives to guide us in designing a global training solution that works for you.

After we have determined the scale of the project, we will get to work in developing a custom, digital learning experience that invites your international employees into your brand, your values and your vision for the future. With access to engaging content at any time or place, we will assist you in cultivating your company culture on a global scale. Working with specialists in translation and localisation, our team will ensure that your course is relevant and meaningful to each and every employee – no matter where they are in the world.

Discover how Fenturi can help with going global.