Starting a new job can be an overwhelming experience for a new recruit: not only are they expected to take in a lot of new information regarding company products and services, they also need to familiarise themselves with company culture and existing processes.

Without a structured onboarding process, it’s easy for employees to feel demotivated due to a lack of proper understanding of both the role and the business as a whole.

While communicating the responsibilities and expectations of a new employee should make up a large part of your onboarding programme, culture, career development and building a strong connection is just as important. This is the chance for you to share stories about the organisations’ history, values, people and vision for the future, and to decide how your new employee will fit into it. A successful onboarding process will not only give new hires the chance to receive information, but to submit feedback and ask questions every step of the way.

In an increasingly competitive and challenging landscape, businesses must look to improve staff retention by implementing an engaging induction programme that instils confidence and reassures new recruits that their decision to join was the right one.

Our approach

At Fenturi, we believe that an engaging onboarding process is the key to instilling motivation, passion and confidence in your employees from day one. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Rather than swamping new recruits with a pile of printed materials to read in their first week, organisations should look to create orientation experiences that are meaningful to the employee and representative of company values.

When you work with Fenturi, we will collaborate with you to design and deploy bespoke learning experiences that completely immerse your new recruits in the company ethos. Harnessing the potential from digital tools and emerging technologies, we build solutions that engage employees and allow them to experience new ideas, concepts and products at an early stage, leaving them feeling enthused and excited about the journey ahead.

Our aim is to help you tackle the issue of talent retention head on; saving you the costs and time spent hiring and re-hiring by designing an engaging induction programme that welcomes and inspires new recruits from the moment they arrive.

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