We challenge, we think, we design, we deliver. We get results.

Fenturi is an e-learning provider with a difference: instead of delivering off-the-shelf solutions, our team are dedicated in creating powerful content that drives behavioural change in the workplace.  We will work with you to understand your organisation’s unique needs and create bespoke digital learning experiences that deliver brilliant results.

Bespoke e-learning

At Fenturi, we combine our passion for creativity with state of the art technology to tailor meaningful and measurable bespoke e-learning solutions for our global clients. We love creating experiences that really work.

Video and animation

Video and animation engages learners by making information accessible and easy to take in. From whiteboard animation tutorials to talking heads and even stop motion, the possibilities are endless. We love collaborating with our clients to craft educational videos that communicate with learners and bring content to life.

Virtual reality and simulation

Since Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies have entered the mainstream, Learning & Development departments are eager to discover the unique potential they have in immersing and engaging a learner. That’s where we come in. Our simulations have been used across multiple sectors, providing powerful learning experiences for hard and soft skills.

Games and gamification

Games are the key to unlocking maximum engagement from your training content. A combination of game mechanics make the learning experience enjoyable, challenging and repeatable. At Fenturi, we develop serious games that play to people’s natural passion for achievement, rewards, competition and collaboration.

Translation and localisation

We’ve got a wealth of experience in translating and localising digital content for our clients around the globe. Fenturi will seamlessly project manage the process to ensure the delivery of high quality content, relevant to the audience wherever they are in the world.


We ask the right questions to identify the most cost-effective way to achieve brilliant results. Through strategic and creative collaboration, our dedicated team will guide you to new learning solutions that go beyond what you’ve done before and meet your unique business objectives. Together, we’ll determine the best approach in enhancing the learning experience for your organisation.

Something you haven’t even thought of yet

The digital learning landscape is changing so quickly that it can feel hard to keep up! We keep our fingers on the pulse so that you don’t have to, monitoring and often leading developments that push the boundaries of what technology can do to enhance learning.