Learning games & gamification

When it comes to learning or developing a skill, engagement with the subject matter is critical.

Without engagement, learners are just observers, witnessing content without ever committing it to memory. At Fenturi, we believe in doing things differently. By crafting bespoke e-learning games or incorporating game mechanics into the content we deliver, our clients benefit from a motivated workforce who are eager to learn, eager to progress and eager to improve.

Why use gamification in e‑learning?

The implementation of gamification in e-learning training can be used to fulfill most learning needs: induction and onboarding, sales, customer support, soft skills and compliance. However, while rapid advancements to the field of gaming technology have allowed us to enhance our offering, the benefits of gamification are rooted in psychology: after all, the brain naturally responds to a reward system, which is why we continue to play video games in our leisure as well as to motivate us through monotonous or unenjoyable tasks. Thanks to the feeling of accomplishment and emotion that is developed when playing, learners leave a course feeling satisfied upon completion. As a result, e-learning games and gamification drives a number of positive outcomes:

Higher retention rates

When the learning experience becomes fun, it encourages a learner to progress through a course with enthusiasm, eager to discover the next level or achieve a new high score. As a result, learners will strive to commit the content to memory to gain a reward and progress to the next step.

Instant feedback

After solving each challenge within a gamified course, learners should get the chance to review their behaviors and choices to see how every decision led them to the outcome. This will help your learners to identify how ways in which their performance could be improved.

Behavioural change

Whether its points and scoreboards or badges and prizes, including a reward structure within your e-learning content will transform the way learners feel about a subject matter. When encouraged through regular rewards to become an expert in a certain field, participation soon becomes active interest.

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