Video and animation

If well produced and strategically used, the addition of video or animation can bring your digital learning content to life, reduce training time and leave a lasting impression on the learner.

From step-by-step tutorials to interactive videos with game-like-experiences, we’ve produced a diverse range of e-learning videos for organisations across the globe – all with their own unique requirements and objectives.

Through this experience, our creative team have witnessed time and time again the power that video content has in achieving engagement. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “show, don’t tell”, it applies here: adding a video to your e-learning solution can help simplify a complex subject matter by offering the learner a visual experience they can refer back to at any time.

Why use video in e‑learning?

Video-based e-learning training is fast becoming one of the most popular methods of employee training – and it’s no surprise. The way we consume media in our spare time has changed drastically over the last two decades, with video accounting for 74% of online traffic. Whether its a product demonstration, a whiteboard animation or an interview with a senior member of staff, the inclusion of video in e-learning promotes engagement by presenting information in a way that is easily absorbed and easily retained. In many cases, the use of video in an e-learning course can help to:

Promote discussion

People are naturally inclined to share and discuss video content, and even more so with the rise of social media platforms. That’s why the inclusion of video content is a great way of promoting discussion and helping learners to relate to the situation.

Present information

When it comes to explaining complex concepts, video and animation is a great way of condensing your content and making it easy to digest for the learner. Videos allow you to pull in other visual content such as extra images or graphics to help explain your message further.

Convey emotion

As human beings, our brains are built to establish trust through face-to-face contact. Video better conveys emotion, behaviour and culture in a way text simply cannot. Likewise, body language and verbal tone are better displayed through video and play a huge role in conveying the right message.

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