Product training

In today’s digitally driven environment, it’s easy for consumers to look online across websites and social media channels to gain information about a product or service.

These new habits have become a staple in the customer journey, with online searches often acting as the catalyst to new enquiries.

Now more than ever, sales people should be ready to answer the difficult questions that intelligent consumers ask when calling to discover more about a product. In today’s competitive landscape, consumers are arriving much later in the sales cycle, armed with more data and product knowledge than ever before. Therefore, product knowledge has become the most important tool for closing sales. Whether it’s a new product or an old classic, staff need to be fully equipped to provide not only the answers, but an outstanding customer experience all-round.

Effective product training isn’t just a transfer of information. It involves building a complete understanding of the key features, requirements, applications and benefits that a product or service offers a customer. By gaining high-quality product training, sales and marketing teams become better equipped to communicate the ROI of a product or service to existing and prospective clients.

Instead of simply telling the customer what your product can do, a successful sales person can highlight the specific outcomes the customer stands to gain by using targeted case studies and references. This is where a bespoke product training solution can be extremely beneficial for an organisation, providing an in-depth learning experience to ensure both sales and marketing teams have the knowledge they need to build trust with the consumer.

Our approach

When it comes to sales and marketing, we know that knowledge is power. That’s why we work with our clients to deliver custom product training solutions designed to enhance the learning experience and improve retention rates. Having worked with global sales teams to build and deploy these experiences, we understand the need for flexibility and adaptability within a training programme.

From interactive videos or animations to bite-size modules and even simulations, we present digital learning content in a way that is accessible, engaging and memorable for the learner, wherever they are in the world. So, no matter how large your staff-base or how widely dispersed they may be, you can count on Fenturi to create a course that gives your learners the tools they need to communicate the value of the product effectively.

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