Risk and compliance training

The regulatory environment is an ever-changing landscape. Keeping up to date with new legislation can be a challenge in itself, let alone devising a robust risk-management strategy and ensuring all staff are well-versed on it.

With an increasing amount of government red-tape passing your desk, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of aligning your company’s core strategy with legislative objectives. However, failing to take action can leave your business vulnerable to the sanctions associated with non-compliance.

While most businesses understand the importance of compliance, individuals still see compliance training as a necessary evil. In most cases, this comes down to the uninspiring training courses that staff are presented with: text-heavy slide after text-heavy slide full of information that the learner will never truly engage with. The result? A tick in a box but no retained knowledge.

Not only does this waste time and money, it creates risk and leaves your business open to the threat of financial and reputational damage. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to change your approach.

Our approach

Fenturi helps businesses to mitigate this risk by designing engaging learning experiences that motivate learners to discover the importance of compliance training for themselves. From virtual simulations and gamified elements to interactive videos and whiteboard animations, we’ve created a range of tailored solutions for our clients that have not only raised awareness of regulations, but inspired a culture-shift within the business.

When we work with you, our primary focus will be to create an experience that sticks with your learners and conveys context on your governance, risk and compliance framework. Rather than simply presenting your staff with an abundance of information, we use storytelling techniques and real-world examples to create emotionally-driven e-learning experiences that keep the learner invested in the subject matter. By placing the learner at the heart of the compliance training, we ensure that each employee understands the importance of regulatory compliance and the impact that their actions can have on the entire organisation.

No matter the size of the business or the industry you work in, our creative learning team will devise a solution that tackles compliance proactively through employee engagement.

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