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Compliance and risk

At its worst, this type of training is treated as a box ticking exercise rather than an engaging experience for the workforce. By developing an interactive, bespoke training programme, it is quicker to achieve an internal compliance culture that builds confidence and a positive view of the organisation. The Fenturi approach also helps to actually reduce the risk of onerous corporate governance penalties, as the information has been assimilated, not glossed over.

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Culture and diversity

How does your leadership want to impact the company culture and its people that live and breathe it day to day? A series of digital training campaigns that embed desired values, from code of conduct through to unconscious bias, will create the required change faster and more comprehensively than any other known method. To achieve it, we can use any number of digital training tools, from interactive videos, animations and simulations to adaptive learning.

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Poor onboarding costs. Research shows that the original ‘sense of being lost’ never wears off for badly inducted recruits. Not only do they perform worse, they are demotivated and there’s a 40% risk of them leaving within a year*. With recruiting fees alone costing up to £13,000*, it pays to develop a powerful and engaging onboarding programme. Recruits will quickly grasp the business mission and understand all the practical information necessary for a sound start

*Source: 20 Surprising Employee Retention Statistics You Need to Know, George Dickson

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Sales and product training

Characterised by the need for the retention of a lot of information, a playful or competitive game approach can increase the effectiveness of sales and product training. Presenting benefits and handling objections in a fresh way drives higher engagement, yet always remembering that building the learner’s confidence is vital. Scenarios, simulations and role play that immerse participants, yield faster, more focused and lasting results.

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Leadership development

Less than 10% of critical leadership positions actually have successors ready for the role*. It’s no surprise then that 84% of businesses believe there will be a shortfall of leaders within the next five years. By using a campaign of bespoke learning modules you can widen and deepen your in-house talent pool, training potential leaders at all levels to make the business more robust and reduce recruitment costs.

*Source: Thirteen shocking leadership development facts.


Operational efficiency

Constant change, whether driven through IT transformation or new leadership direction, tends to make employees ‘stick to what they know’. This complacency means any large business can suffer from a lack of agility when aiming to make operations more efficient. To make a real step change, the most effective way is to create either a one-off or complete campaign of high engagement digital learning programmes.

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Translations and localisations

Translations and training design must be sensitive to local cultural standards. Here, Fenturi is a safe pair of hands that manages the whole process from start to global rollout. For one global client we stepped in when in house resources were overstretched, for another, when a new region was being developed. You can rely on Fenturi, wherever in the world your requirement might arise.

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Migrations and upgrades

For IT and security reasons Flash is becoming obsolete and most training modules created with it are becoming unusable. It is therefore necessary to migrate them. Here, we encourage clients to take the opportunity to also upgrade their content. For example, working with one client we were able to reduce module length by a third, a huge time saving when multiplied over 100,000 staff. By upgrading when migrating, what comes across is a sense that the organisation is constantly and positively moving forward.

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