We are Fenturi.

A creative digital learning agency that delivers engaging, hyper-relevant content.

We work with brands to craft stories & learning journeys that resonate & empower people to thrive. Our team of designers work across everything from video and animation to games, illustration, Storyline and more. As a digital learning agency, we work with you to develop bespoke courses from scratch or support your teams with standalone services. If you’re experienced in bespoke digital learning or starting your journey we are the go to digital learning agency.

Digital learning for local & Global clients 

We are a trusted, experienced and professional partner who understand how to work with complex organisations to develop their learning courses. Global clients require localisation and translation services which we have an excellent track record in delivering. They often have complex supplier networks that benefit from taking an extension of their training, we are experienced in delivering exactly that. And whilst our clients may have excellent internal teams and a roster of external agencies, we are experienced and thrive working within that matrix structure. We deliver across a range of learning topics, see a selection in our case studies. 

Our collection of courses demonstrating the capabilities of digital learning. We can make these courses available to our partners, as they are or with custom elements.

We create bespoke digital learning content for global brands. Below you will find a selection of our work covering a variety of interesting topics.

learning services 

We offer end to end eLearning discovery, design and development. But not all organisations are at the same stage of their digital evolution so we offer access to our skills in a range of packaged services. Sometimes we help partners transition their content from virtual or physical classrooms to an LMS, with our experts quickly taking existing assets and updating them into SCORM compliant modules. We also have a Business case framework that helps our partners frame the opportunity for eLearning within their organisation. It helps identify all the information you need covering i) Business Requirements ii) Status Quo iii) New Challenges and Opportunities and iv) Planning and Budgeting. Read more about our elearning services  and get in touch to request a copy of our framework for free. 

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We are experienced in reaching your learners when and where they need support in a format that works for them. We think about accessibility in terms of physical, technical, cultural, mental, social and emotional perspectives. When there is a requirement to allow for visual impairment we use specific authoring software to create screen reader friendly solutions. Mobile first solutions are useful for employees who are on the move rather than desk based. Some clients have employees that simply don’t have access to technology or computers at work. We build them complementary offline solutions with downloadable lesson plans, moderator guides and assets. Read more about our offline case study 


Fenturi has a 4.9 out of 5 quality score alongside a higher than average customer retention rate. This is a testament to the loyalty of our clients and our committment to exceptional customer experience. To start working with Fenturi please either get in touch or submit your RFP.


We use the transformative power of great digital learning. Enabling staff to have the knowledge and resources they need to succeed in their roles. Our learning content is always beautifully designed, well written, and impactful.

Induction training and the potential for new technology

Learner-led learning L&D is often viewed through the lens of direct business benefits, with leaders often posing questions around how it can improve the stature of the company. For example, 'will we witness business growth as a direct result of investing in this...

Welcome onboard, wherever you are

New working patterns are here to stay Whether you want to call it hybrid, flexible or remote working, employees now have a lot more control over where, when, and how they deliver their work. Offering flexibility will make your company more attractive and bring the...

Creating an emotional connection with your learners

As most employees’ connections at work are now pixelated. L&D teams must make extra effort to connect emotionally with their learners. WHY EMOTIONALLY CONNECT WITH YOUR LEARNERS?Creating an emotional connection means learners are far more likely to invest their...