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A fresh approach to upgrading your learning technology

The challenge

Until recently, most e-learning content has been built using Flash. This was all well and good since most learners were accessing the courses on desktops. Then touch-screen devices came along and learners wanted to access their courses on laptops, tablets or mobiles, whilst on the move or on the job. The problem …Flash is not installed on a lot of tablets and smartphones. Plus, Flash carries an increasing security risk. This means many companies are left with legacy content that simply doesn’t meet the needs of many of their learners and now runs the risk of becoming obsolete.

The solution

Converting your legacy content to HTML5 will ensure that it works on mobile devices and modern browsers, thus providing a flexible solution for your learners without compromising on interactivity.

In one instance we worked with our global client to upgrade and migrate a course which cut the course time down from 45 to 15 minutes. When multiplied through a workforce of 100,000 that’s a substantial saving on time.

The outcomes

Content will be available on multiple devices, greatly increasing its reach. Existing assets and instructional design can be retained and converted into flexible and interactive learning content. Content can be updated from a visual instructional design perspective where appropriate.

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