Survey finds that majority of employees believe in Building Back Better


Employees feel motivated by being part of a cultural and economic shift towards greater sustainability; all they want is regular communication and some training to help them through the transition.

Last week the financial markets reported that sustainable stocks now outperform traditional ones. The report made us question whether industry talk of “Building Back Better” was more than idealism, but something that financial institutions could get behind, as they invest in companies rebuilding from the pandemic.

We decided to ask the average worker their view on the topic. We wanted to know if ‘Build Back Better’ is more than just a board room strategy, and actually an idea that is understood and gaining traction at the grass roots level of UK companies.

A cross section of workers were surveyed from a range of sectors, filtering out people in a management level role or above. Our findings are further cause for optimism, on the condition that certain areas are supported.

When asked if people believed their organisation had the potential to come back stronger from the pandemic, an overwhelming 85% agreed, and the majority saying they find the principle ‘personally motivating’.

People have a sophisticated understanding of what ‘sustainability’ means:

  • 92% of people believe it is important to think about both the environment and address social inequalities
  • 42% of the sample concluded that it is only by trying to fix both that we can we fix either

This well-rounded view of sustainability is further born out from the range of topics that people believe their companies should address. Of those people asked:

  • 90% thought it important to improve worker policies (such as better diversity and working from home flexibility)
  • 70% agreed that agreed that customer engagement was the key to success, (taking more responsibility for how people used their products)
  • 50% of people agreed that there are opportunities for better community relationships, and improved environmental policies

It is significant that we discovered both a high level of knowledge and motivation. This employee buy-in, alongside the evidence of investor confidence could be the moment where the question Leadership need to be asking changes from not whether to ‘Build Back Better’, but how you will explain to your shareholders why you are not.

Employees get that businesses need to think and act differently post pandemic and are motivated and looking for leadership and support. 35% of people report needing more vision from their leadership teams, and to be more involved in planning with their management. The single most important area of support (71%) was employees asking for their companies to invest in education and training, to help teach them new skills and ways of working.

Fenturi specialise in creating digital learning experiences, utilising the latest in learning techniques to reach employees remotely or at work. We have experience in helping global companies with their diversity, inclusion, and sustainability training.

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