Sustainability by any modern definition means looking after both society and the environment to ensure our natural resources are not depleted. This wider definition is particularly relevant as people look to rebuild post the pandemic. A recent YouGov poll  found that only 6% of the British public want to return to the same type of economy as before the COVID-19 pandemic. This has come to light at a time when we have seen the environmental benefits from COVID-19: cleaner air, low carbon emissions and resurgence of wildlife.

Whilst the world has ‘paused’ it has also taken greater notice of social inequalities. The New Economics Foundation coined the phrase ‘Build Back Better’. Their CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh highlighted that health and social care services had been under-resourced, and inequalities have left many people vulnerable. She says when we are faced with a crisis the “government can spend wisely, at speed and at scale.” In other words the fast action taken by governments, business and wider society at scale to cope with the pandemic has created a precedent. Belief has now increased that some of the large scale changes required to mitigate the climate crisis, and rebalance the economy, are possible.

a fair and green recovery  

300 leaders from the likes of charities, trade unions and community groups are calling for the country to “build back better” with a recovery plan that will create a “stronger, fairer and greener” economy after the pandemic. This will include having higher-quality public services, good jobs, a reduction in inequality, and protection for the planet. 80% of the members said the measures taken by the government to help the economic recovery from Covid-19 should be designed to help reach net zero.

At Fenturi we design and deliver digital learning courses to workforces at scale. We encourage all leaders to communicate their vision and strategic goals for a sustainable future, and by engaging their entire workforces into the process of solving problems and finding new ways of working. We have case studies to share about delivering courses in topics such as sustainability and diversity, helping them become part of the operational culture of an organisation. 

collective social responsibility 

sustainability  training

We aim to raise awareness and motivation among employees with engaging and thought-provoking digital learning solutions. Collective teaching people to better the world through organisational practices. Read about our CSR policy here.

We created a digital learning foundation course that reached 510k employees to explain the importance of sustainability and shift employee mindset towards being environmentally conscious. Find out more here.



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