The value of a company’s culture will be demonstrated by how employees respond to coming back to work

The experience of reboarding will feel very different between a young fit employee who imagines no risk from the virus, and an older less healthy individual. As both these people return to work their employer will be introducing rules and principles on aspects of social distancing and hygiene. When the government first started introducing principles of social distancing, some people responded immediately, others required specific rules to help them change behaviour. It will be the same again as we go back to work.

Information needs to be clear. At the very beginning of this pandemic, people suggested holding Covid-19 parties to build immunity. Others talked of the virus being no more serious than flu, maybe just a risk to the very old. The information changed and our set of moral values kicked in to deliver the required change of behaviour.  

the importance of company culture 

How we each bring our professional selves back to a shared workspace, will be informed by our interpretation of the company culture. If we assume that each employees’ values by and large align with the company’s values, then each company can expect the behaviours it deserves.

It is fair to argue that it will be ultimately the individual’s decision that is critical in this process. Few companies will want to police their new guidelines with penalties to wayward employees. This is completely understandable given what we’ve all just been through.

For the sake of argument, we can imagine a company with a culture that deliberately prioritises profit over everything else, has little or no stated aim to support the local community, society or the environment. Will we see the staff struggle, requiring rigid rule setting to help them understand the principles of the common good? 

Maybe now is a unique opportunity to observe this. Perhaps a positive from this pandemic, is that it was a dress rehearsal, a valuable chance to take stock of what our brands stand for, and how we behave. Can we take lessons learnt right now, and use them to improve how we are responding to other threats even more dangerous, such as the climate crisis?

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