Digital environmental training Everyone needs to learn and then engage on climate change.

Education is playing a vital role in helping people understand the causes and impact of the climate crisis, and how to personally become involved in finding solutions. Digital learning is available to anyone with a mobile phone, and it’s a highly efficient and cost-effective way to reach millions of people.

We have designed digital learning solutions for global companies to help them educate their entire workforces on the science behind climate change. Alongside the practical actions that can be taken, and help demonstrate their employer’s commitment to sustainability.


Fenturi is committed to prioritising action through education that raises employee awareness, motivation and engagement. With a growing understanding of the complex issues surrounding sustainability, and its relationship with social equality. 

We are in the process of applying to become a B-corporation, to better understand how we can be a purpose driven organisation that places equal importance between the value we offer our own shareholders, with that which we deliver to wider society.  

We believe that all organisations have a collective social responsibility to be a force for good, to protect our societies and environment. Fenturi is learning how to do better, and help our partners to do the same.

Vicky Jones (Fenturi CEO) makes the case for investment in Sustainability training in this article from the Training Journal. A 4 minute read.


We launched a climate change and sustainability bespoke digital learning solution for a large global client. With the goal to reduce logistics-related emissions to zero by 2050, the course educated 500,000 employees on both the science and the part individuals can play in the company-wide mission. The results were positive, learning satisfaction rates were 4.8 out of 5.

Talk to Fenturi about how we can help your employees onboard social and environmental policies. We have the track record of delivering engaging and effective learning solutions. We have the track record of delivering engaging and effective learning solutions. Contact us at

We work with ‘Tree Sisters’ to plant trees on behalf of all our clients and employees. The ‘Fenturi Forest’ consists of a staggering 825 trees and is growing every year.

Fenturi forest