Digital environmental training

The world needs to be collectively learning about climate change.

Once a mutual understanding of the climate crisis has been reached, we can all work together to undo the mess. Learning will play a large part in solving the climate crisis and as digital learning is the most efficient and cost-effective way to reach millions of people, it’s fair to say that digital environmental training will play a vital part in dealing with the climate crisis.

We care about the environment, and our clients do too. We have designed digital learning solutions for MNCs that have educated entire workforces on the science behind climate change, practical actions that can be taken, and demonstrated their employer’s commitment to sustainability.

On a global scale, digital learning can make an impact in accelerating companies’ transition towards a sustainable future. We aim to prioritise the cause through education – raising awareness and motivation among employees with engaging and thought-provoking digital solutions.

Towards a sustainable future

We’re at a defining time in our history, where we must respond urgently to the climate crisis and centre business models around sustainability. Achieving this requires drastic behaviour change, and organisations – large and small – all have a responsibility to act.

Companies are more agile than governments. They can drive change faster, innovating new ways of mitigating the worst effects of climate change and by doing so, can put pressure on governments to speeds up their efforts. With the help of internal environmental training, companies can adapt quicker, as employees can better understand and participate in the change. After all, an entire organisation needs to be working in unison to be able to fully commit to a company’s pledge to reduce its environmental impact.

Many companies have already taken steps to reduce their impact and have made public commitments, through initiatives such as Science Based Targets, to outline how much and how quickly they intend to reduce their emissions. As digital learning providers, we want to reinforce these positive initiatives by doing what we do best: creating impactful and memorable learning experiences that foster change in employee mindsets and behaviours.

Swift change is needed in the face of an emergency. The climate crisis is already here, and we support companies in their efforts to meet UK legislation committing the country to net zero emissions by 2050. Employees need to feel the collective responsibility that we all have, at work and at home, to protect our planet.

Environmental digital learning 

In 2019, we launched a climate change and sustainability bespoke digital learning solution for one of our largest and long-standing clients. With the goal to reduce logistics-related emissions to zero by 2050, the course we developed educated 500,000 of their employees on the science and the part everyone plays in their company-wide mission.

The client needed everyone to understand the rationale and be aware of the steps to achieving the milestones for 2050 and the 2025 interim targets – and adapt their behaviours.

The initial results from the training were extremely positive. Satisfaction rates were high: learners have provided an average satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5. Learners have noted that this learning solution was not just about the company, but about the world they live in. It’s the first course we have developed where we received feedback that learners had discussed the course at home, with families and to their children.

Through effective training and education, change will come.


Environmental training will be imperative to reaching set targets and the subject needs to be given the importance it deserves in a company’s training curriculum. At Fenturi, we have extensively researched what makes for engaging and effective environmental training. Talk to us for more information about sustainability training solutions.

L&D – a call to action on climate change

Organisations have a collective social responsibility to protect our environment, says Vicky Jones.

We are working with ‘Tree Sisters’ to plant trees on behalf of all our clients and employees. The aptly named ‘Fenturi Forest’ consists of a staggering 825 trees! Alongside this, we are pledging to grow the forest each year.

Fenturi forest