Delivering sustainability training

With government, consumer, and employee pressure mounting. Organisations must engage staff on sustainability to deliver the right skills and mindset.

At Fenturi, we are big advocates of sustainability training. Harnessing a culture of sustainability is needed in any attempt to resolve the climate crisis. To reach this pivotal point, investment and innovation is critical. Delivering sustainability training helps build understanding around climate change. Including clarifying the sustainability strategy to all in an engaging way. Creating this narrative, helps to reduce anxiety and motivate teams in becoming key advocates of sustainability. Enabling them and their organisation to deliver on their sustainability targets.

COP26 WEBINARs: WHY AND HOW to deliver sustainability training to your teams

During COP26, we hosted a two-part webinar series on the why and how to deliver sustainability training to your teams. In these sessions, we shared our sustainability training insights alongside actual examples of live client projects. These webinars are now available as recordings.

Part 1: Why engage your workforce on sustainability?

  • Sustainability as a motivating factor in attracting and retaining talent 
  • Why Sustainability helps us tell remarkable stories and create effective staff communications 
  • Why Sustainability is a universal theme that can power new skills training (case study: Data Science) 

Part 2: How to deliver large scale training on sustainability?

  • How to design foundation level Sustainability training
  • The case for digital learning. 
  • Key takeaways to bring back to your organisation 


At Fenturi, we passionately argue that organisations must engage their entire workforces about sustainability. And create learning programmes to train them in new skills. We can help them create bespoke environmental learning courses and have case studies to share on how to reduce inefficiencies, waste and educate staff on the right mindset to engage on sustainability initiatives.

Employees are starting to prioritise purpose over salary. A socially responsible employer is increasingly sought after for talent looking to join a new company. Millennials and Gen-Z (who by 2025 will account for 75% of the global workforce) also prioritise access to learning and development. Delivering sustainability training will help to deliver on both these areas. Fenturi has experience and expertise in this topic, plus a devotion to high-quality digital learning.


We are fascinated to capture your thoughts around climate change and work. The anonymous poll will only take 1 minute of your time. 


DPDHL have set a target to reduce their logistics related carbon emissions to zero by 2050. To achieve this, they needed to explain their strategy to their teams, and help them adopt the right mindset. To find out about the Go Green case study in further detail please watch the videos below.

gogreen online

gogreen offline


LCAW has been a chance to showcase our work on a much large scale. Exploring in detail how Fenturi worked with organisations in delivering sustainability training across the globe. These sessions were well attended and thought provoking. Showing a variety of examples of delivering sustainability training to large scale workforces.


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