Digital learning support

We now offer digital learning support as standalone services. By sharing your workload with our experienced team, you will be able to meet your desired learning objectives, within allocated budget and required timescale.

L&D teams are rushing to support their colleagues with training; we are here to make this process as smooth and effective as possible. During these times, access to quality online learning and development is integral to maintaining company culture and future business development.

By being agile in our services you will have access to as much digital learning support, expertise and guidance as you need. Below we have outlined some of the standalone services that we will be offering.

Internal team receiving digita learning support


During a discovery phase, we will analyse your existing content and determine the learning path and content required for each topic. This initial phase will provide the framework for the creation of a successful digital learning solution.

Understanding and defining the learner journey will allow us to recommend each training experience using the most appropriate solution to empower the learners to be effective and confident in their role.

Following these initial workshops, our learning designers will then collaborate with you to create a content outline, which defines the framework and modular structure approach. Working closely with stakeholders and your brand team, we ensure that the design is on-brand and in line with business requirements.

We can then work with you to deliver the digital learning solution or hand it over to your team to produce.

Team receiving digital learning support


We take a personal approach to learning. By using our expertise to get to the root of the learning problems, you have a digital learning solution that captivates your learners and delivers on your business objectives.

LEARNING DESIGN – Our experienced team take often complex learning messages and turn them into clear, concise and impactful digital experiences. Our learning designers can work to advise, review or write your learning content.

DIGITAL DESIGN – Our talented designers continue to push the boundaries of digital learning, resulting in engaging content and meaningful learning experiences. They can work with you to effectively apply your brand and learning approach to create graphic, videos or interactions.

COPYWRITING AND QUALITY ASSURANCE – We pride ourselves on producing high-quality learning, with a rigorous review at all stages that goes far beyond a simple spell-check. Our experienced copywriters and quality assurance team can work with you to ensure that everything works for the leaner, remains true to the learning objectives as well as being easy to understand and use.

Team receiving digital learning slide development


Articulate Storyline 360 is a powerful tool for the development of digital learning experiences. However, it can present challenges when using some of the more advanced features, such as variables or freeform to develop advanced course navigation, tracking or interactions.

SLIDE DEVELOPMENT – Our developers can:

  • Build specific slides that your in-house team are struggling to produce
  • Develop the master slide setup at the start of your course to provide slide layout templates with your brand applied, or advanced navigation and tracking approach
  • Adjust or correct a course that needs more time or investigation
Team receiving digital learning updates

In these changing times you may find that training materials need to be reconsidered or upgraded as a priority, including those that currently incorporate Flash technology.


Should your internal teams’ focus shift to supporting a need to swiftly update courses other planned projects may be displaced. We could take on any updates work to relieve the pressure without cancelling learning development.

Our focus has always been on providing the learner with engaging and useful learning materials. By working flexibly, and sharing our expertise to support your digital learning objectives, your learners will have access to the quality training they deserve.

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