Welcome onboard, wherever you are

New working patterns are here to stay

Whether you want to call it hybrid, flexible or remote working, employees now have a lot more control over where, when, and how they deliver their work. Offering flexibility will make your company more attractive and bring the best talent. It will also open roles to prospects who couldn’t work a rigid work pattern. When introduced successfully it can improve staff wellbeing and productivity. Alongside this, it’s also a chance to make savings on office space and reduce your carbon footprint.

We don’t want to pretend that a shift to flexible working is a utopia. Many individuals and businesses have adapted quickly but some people are experiencing longer-term complications, such as feelings of isolation and departments becoming siloed from each other.

Recently, the problems we’ve been hearing are those associated with cultural aspects. For example, how do recruits understand the company’s values and expected behaviours when they don’t sit together with the more experienced staff?

digital Onboarding is more critical than ever before 

 The way companies onboard (and reboard) staff is critical for continuity. It helps to set the right conditions for motivation, performance, and loyalty. Never has this been under the spotlight more given the need to onboard new staff remotely.

Onboarding has always been new staff’s first step on their ‘employee enablement’ journey, setting recruits on a path of supported development. Onboarding should encourage staff to understand how their values align with the business, where and how to seek new learning opportunities, and adopt new skills. Onboarding is not an easy or quick strategy to deliver but digital onboarding is an incredible investment. It will pay back in productivity, innovation, speed to competency and improved retention rates.
If you’re not sure where to start, or what’s slowing you down, then consider whether you are making either of these common mistakes?


Over-reliance on physical classroom formats

There will always be value in colleagues spending physical time together. But to be reliant on this is now outdated thinking. It is perfectly possible to create learning courses that are available individually online and adapted for an instructor or line manager to deliver the learning. Both depend on the individual or team’s working pattern. There is more information about this in our offline to online learning blog post. We are still surprised by the number of large organisations that have not grasped the potential for digital learning content.     

Lack of cultural authenticity

Implicit in an organisations’ focus on classroom training is often the mistaken notion that values, and behaviours must be communicated in person, rather than from within the learning experience itself. This might be true if an organisation relies on off the shelf content but bespoke learning courses can depict an authentic representation of the business. This could be in the guise of a dedicated code of conduct course. Importantly the values should also run through the core of every learning module. This will ensure that remote and hybrid workers are consistently being exposed to the culture of the organisation.

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