eLEARNING SERVICES to support your next phase of growth

When organisations are reviewing their L&D strategy they can benefit from an experienced, trusted partner to help them articulate and frame the opportunity. The organisation might be at the beginning of their eLearning development, reliant on virtual classroom delivery to teach a significant legacy of content. Others are further on their journey and are now hosting off the shelf eLearning and want to explore more advanced, bespoke forms of digital learning. Fenturi can offer a range of eLearning services with access to as much support, expertise, and guidance as you need. 

Business case framework

A guide for our partners who want to present the business case for growth and efficiency. The framework serves to help you identify what you need to qualify the challenges ahead and the resources required to deliver the next phase of your digital learning evolution.


We will conduct a needs analysis, examine your existing content and determine the learning path and content required for your objectives. Allowing us to create the overall framework for the creation of a successful digital learning solution. By defining the learner journey, we will be able to recommend training experiences that use the most appropriate solution. All done through a collaborate workshop with you. This elearning service is vital in providing personalised and relevant learning to your staff.

learning design and storyboard 

We will create a content outline which defines the framework and modular structure approach. Alongside working closely with stakeholders to ensure design is on brand and in line with all requirements. The storyboard will be a step by step outline of each part to the learning design. This can include (or not include) the actual Scripting of the learning content – see below.


A lighter version of Discovery, this elearning service is where our team audit all your existing content that relates to a new course. To determine how best to organise it, make recommendations for how to update or refresh the content. And outline any obvious gaps that require new content. 


Similar to Content Mapping, but with an active role for Fenturi in curating existing content. With recommendations on how to structure it within existing (or new) frameworks. This can include advice on how to source additional off the shelf content to fill knowledge gaps within your existing library of content. If you want to customise the learner experience, then Fenturi can create an introductory piece of content to introduce your specific context and objectives. 


If you have created your own storyboard, then our experienced copywriters will work with you to script the individual lessons, and ensure that everything works for the learner. We are experts in ensuring everything remains true to the learning objectives and is engaging, whilst being easy to understand.


Our designers and developers can develop the master slide set up at the start of your course to provide slide layout templates with your brand applied including advanced navigation and tracking approaches.

build only

We find the most demand for Articulate Storyline 360 but that it presents challenge for some teams when using advanced features such as variables or freeform to develop advanced course navigation, tracking or interactions. Our developers can build specific slides that your in-house team may struggle with. And adjust or correct a course that needs more time or investigation. We can also update your existing courses including those that currently incorporate Flash technology that is no longer supported.

translation and localisation 

Translation and localisation

Fenturi is experienced in localising and translating courses into multiple languages. This is a complicated process, with considerations that many would not be aware of, and we are experts in making this a smooth journey. There are efficiencies in how the first, English iteration of the course is structured that will make later translation easier, so for our builds, we always check upfront if translation will be required. Fenturi can also step in to manage translations of courses that we have not produced, with our highly capable project management team and range of translators making the process much more efficient for you.

Our focus has always been on providing the learner with engaging and useful learning materials. By working flexibly, and sharing our expertise to support your digital learning objectives, your learners will have access to the quality training they deserve. To find out in more detail about our elearning services you can contact us at hello@fenturi.com or use the form below. Here you can book in some time to chat with one of our digital learning specialists about the standalone elearning services we provide.