Empowering staff performance with learning technology

The challenge

Digital Learning has the potential to promote personal development, encourage career progression and allow staff across a global audience easy access to new resources and useful content.
This was the challenge presented to our team by a pharmaceutical client keen to unlock the potential of e-Learning and unlock the potential of their leaders. With assets stored across multiple systems and staff unable to track their development or gain insight on career progression within the organisation, a sense of uncertainty was beginning to grow.

The solution

Fenturi addressed all of these challenges by creating a tailored, intuitive suite of digital assets that allows leaders to self-assess against a capability framework based on their own job role. This bespoke solution is a positive step forward that offers visibility to leaders of how they can progress within the organisation. Now, leaders across the business can easily monitor and measure their performance while gaining insight into the benefits of horizontal organisational moves as well as vertical ones.

The outcomes

Now, leaders across the global business have access to a learning tool that encourages improvement and self-development. By providing a solution that enhances user experience, the organisation can now use digital learning to increase understanding of career progression for leaders within the organisation.

To speak to us directly about your learning needs, call us on 0117 440 1000, email us at hello@fenturi.com or send a message via our contact us page.

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