fenturi's 2021 end of year write up

2021 was difficult at times and required businesses to adapt to a volatile market. Thankfully, we’ve come through stronger, more resilient and better connected. 

what really made the difference this year?

  • OUR CORE SERVICE Our digital learning has helped businesses to pivot and retrain staff quickly across the world, helping to support workers and the economy. This gives us our sense of purpose and pride in our work.  As well as supporting learners through change, we have changed ourselves. Listening to the challenges L&D professionals were facing, we adapted our service offering to be more flexible by offering services as standalone options. We also made some of our courses available ‘off the shelf’ for the first time. Like many other organisations we adapted to the changing market.  
  • OUR CLIENTS – Working through difficult times is a test of any relationship no matter how well established. Our clients have been magnificent, and they appear happy with us too; our average client satisfaction score was 4.9 out of 5. We also welcomed in some new clients with exciting new projects. We have been placed on the preferred supplier lists for two of the world largest brands and became an official partner for one of the UK’s largest management consultancies. Customer experience has continued to be our focus, alongside building important relationships with L&D professionals from around the world.
  • OUR COMMUNITY – The Fenturi team have worked hard and been there for each other. We’ve found ways of staying in touch and having fun. The people that make up Fenturi is what makes us the UK’s best creative digital learning agency. Beyond our own people, we also looked out to the wider industry and committed to running a series of open webinars across a number of Learning topics. We covered a lot of ground, including Compliance, Sales & Product and Technical training. We also pulled together a session about the importance of building an Emotional Connection with your learners which particularly resonated with the community, so much so that we ran the session three times. We also continued our partnership with London Climate Action Week for the second year running to deliver a masterclass on how to educate large scale workforces about Sustainability. Later in the year we built on this theme of Sustainability to run our own Cop 26 webinar series, focusing on both the why and how to deliver great Sustainability training to employees. From the questions and feedback we know that the webinar series has been well received, sharing our best practise to help partners get the most from their learning. We had 245 people register for our webinars this year and we look forward to building on these conversations next year. For like-minded lovers of learning, a selection of our themed webinars is now available upon request here.

Our door is always open to discuss any questions you have about digital learning. We are holding conversations in the new year for any questions and queries you have going into 2022. Book in some time with our consultants, you can call on 0117 440 1000, email at hello@fenturi.com or fill in the contact form below.