a series of webinars exploring the potential for digital learning

The informal sessions will bring you into our laboratory, to share our latest thinking and showcase our work. We will help get you up to speed about the latest in digital learning. Whether you’re at early planning stages or looking to develop a bolder ambition for 2021. When attending our digital learning webinars, we urge you to bring all your unanswered questions to discuss with us. The interactive sessions will include the chance for you to give feedback. Before, during, and after each session to ensure they are personalised to you. The digital learning webinars are running every Thursday alternating from 09:30 to 16:00 depending on the week. Some of the sessions will have specific topics whilst others will more general. You can register and find out more information below. 

up next – sales and product training webinar 

In highly disrupted market conditions, the ability to quickly launch or adapt new products and services is essential. And with this the ability to support sales teams with engaging, updated sales materials. The benefits of digital learning may be well understood in terms of central management, quality control and reach. But perhaps less well understood is the ability to truly engage and motivate staff.

Sales and Product training can be much more than knowledge sharing. It can also be the opportunity to reinforce company values associated with great customer service, such as the empathy and emotional intelligence. As well as helping to ensure an ongoing development of sales techniques and approaches. 

For the upcoming Sales and Product training webinars, Fenturi consultants will share ideas and examples highlighting smart digital planning and execution techniques that has been central to the delivery of successful course. You can sign up for these sessions using the Eventbrite plugin below. 

welcome to the 

The compliance training webinar was on January 28th at 16:00 and February 4th at 09:30. The sales and product training webinar will be on February 25th at 16:00 and March 4th at 09:30. The technical training (data and systems) webinar will be on March 25th at 16:00 and April 1st at 09:30. For the dates in between, we will be hosting our usual informal interactive webinar sessions. Further information about the following dates coming soon. If you would like to receive the recording of the Compliance session please get in touch at marketing@fenturi.com.