off the shelf content

In The Lab is our off the shelf content innovation incubator. It’s a place where we show the full capabilities of elearning content. Welcome in, come and explore our work and get in touch. 

All of these off the shelf projects are available to demo and buy. Once you request a demo you will receive a link to the course for you and your L&D team to explore in your own time. After which, our learning designers are available for any questions or queries you may have about the course.

customised off the shelf content 

The off the shelf content at Fenturi can be adapted to your organisation and its brand. This option enables you to better connect with your learners. Presenting them with learning that represents their work and the challenges they face. With this customisation, we can add branding and match your colour schemes. Going further than this, we can also rework the course, and better match your current learning style and objectives.  

request a virtual visit to the lab

Putting our heads together we completed a strategic design review to identify alternative, more creative ways to deliver the learning programme. At Fenturi we stand by understanding the client and the end-user wants and needs, as from this we are better able to provide a meaningful learning experience.

To achieve this we met regularly with the key stakeholders to understand the company and its culture. We then agreed on the outcomes and level of complexity of each module, before deciding the best tech to use. It was now time to get creative within the build process.

Lead Designer, Simon said: “Thank you so much for yesterday. I’m so grateful to you both and the rest of the team for dedicating so much valuable time to what we felt was a brilliant day. The demonstration pieces were fantastic. It was inspiring for the whole team.”