For a learning culture to become embedded into a company it needs to be as agile and flexible as the business itself. Below we have complied a checklist in creating a learning culture that will last.


  • Useful and engaging learning – If your learner cannot see the benefit, and how it is developing them as a person they will be less inclined to take part. Also, if the learning is not engaging and enjoyable further participation will diminish.
  • Implementing what they have learnt – Ideally, the learner should be able to apply what they have learnt soon after taking the course. Making it relevant and encouraging them to seek out more opportunities for growth.
  • Flexible learning – In the current climate, flexible learning has never been more important. Learning needs to be accessible in both the office, at home, on the road, and in factories; Companies must view staff members as individuals where possible and approach their L&D needs accordingly. Alongside choosing the method in which the learning is delivered it also needs to be easily digestible and available at times that suit the learner.
  • Recognition and feedback – Providing recognition for the participation of learning is very important alongside providing people with the option to feedback. This feedback can be a gift to the L&D department, to act on and help shape a culture of continuous learning.
  • Personalised learning experiencesProduce a learning experience that speaks directly to the needs of everyone in the business where possible. People learn differently, some by doing, others will find they adopt new skills more quickly from a traditional classroom setting, or through digital learning platforms. You need to meet all of these needs to thrive with a learning culture.


Employees are now being trusted to work from home, so leaders should trust them with how they learn as well, rather than assuming everyone will embrace one style of training equally.

When creating a learning culture, you need to focus on what keeps the workforce motivated and engaged. Companies will begin to see true change once they have flexible, personalised learning in place, that is aligned to the needs of the employee and the working culture. Speak to us today about creating personalised learning experiences for your staff, you can call on 0117 440 1000, email at hello@fenturi.com or fill in the contact form below.

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