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learning design and learning technology 

We are a creative digital learning agency that crafts beautifully designed digital learning journeys. Learning design and learning technology is the heart of Fenturi. We are a team of skilled learning designers, storyboard artists and quality assurance managers. That all come together to build engaging eLearning content. This webpage is an insight into our learning design process. 


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Digital learning is based on theoretical knowledge. These are grouped into three main frameworks: behaviourism, cognitivism, and constructivism. Below you will find some insights into learning design and learning theory. This is a snippet of what enables us to successfully facilitate learning around the world.

A guide to creating a Learning Culture

For a learning culture to become embedded into a company it needs to be as agile and flexible as the business itself. Below we have complied a checklist in creating a learning culture that will last. CREATING A LEARNING CULTURE  Useful and engaging learning – If your...

Micro-interactions: The design is in the details

THE OFTEN-OVERLOOKED IMPORTANCE OF MICRO-INTERACTIONSAs learning designers, we are continuously trying to boost learner engagement and increase knowledge retention. One commonly overlooked way we accomplish this is with micro-interactions. They may be small, and you...

Making digital learning truly accessible

At the core of Fenturi is beautifully designed digital learning solutions that incorporate expert User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) best practice techniques. Both of these schools of thought are vital to our design process, improving the usability and...

Human centric design

human centric design in digital learning We are a digital learning agency that's learner focused and creatively driven. By best understanding the learner, using our experience in design, and approaching each project with a creative mindset we build digital learning...

The importance of UX and UI in digital learning

We describe Fenturi as creatively driven and human focused, continuously pushing the creative boundaries of digital learning whilst prioritising the end-user experience. By prioritising UX design (user experience) and UI design (user interface) we can build digital...

Inside our game design

Inside our game design

gamification in learning The possibilities of using gamification in elearning are endless as games seamlessly fit into the structure of digital learning and can be used in numerous ways to help breakdown a number of different topics. From learner feedback and industry...

Learnification is the future of gamification

Gamification and Learnification At Fenturi, we proudly stand behind the power of embedding learning elements within a game. From our industry experience and personal hobbies, we understand the opportunity that games have to capture interest. However, we’ve found that...

Low learner engagement? Storytelling could be the answer

Engage learners with storytellyingLearner engagement is a hot topic in L&D. Ask any L&D leader to name their top 3 challenges and nine times out of ten, ‘learner engagement’ among them. Ask them to name their current problems, 'low learner engagement' will be...

Are you forgetting about the learner?

Digital learning must be learner focusedThe ever-growing list of things that L&D need to consider is long – longer than ever before, which means you can run the risk of forgetting about the most important person in the learning equation – the learner. Bear with us...

Mobile learning

MOBILE LEARNINGAs you would expect mobile learning or mlearning, is learning that takes place on mobile devices and platforms. However, as usual with elearning terminology, it’s not quite as simple as that. There’s a common misconception that mobile learning is just...

learning technology

With learner experience at front of mind, we design with purpose, crafting stories alongside impactful visuals and distinctive engagements. Drawing from a selection of technology and our expertise in learning design. We create personalised and memorable digital learning that’s easily accessible, cost effective and built specifically to solve organisational challenges.

video and animation 

Bringing elearning content to life through video and animation. We produce engaging video content that’s guaranteed to make an impression. Our experienced team take complex learning messages and turn them into clear, concise and impactful videos and animation.


Learning delivered via audio leaves lots of possibilities for the learner. It’s accessible and can be accessed on the go, anytime, anywhere, lending itself perfectly to self-directed learning.

virtual reality 

It’s not just wearing big goggles. We know that Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology has a unique potential to create immersive, engaging and powerful learning experiences.


Games are a great way of engaging learners. A combination of game mechanics make the learning experience enjoyable, challenging and memorable. We develop games within our bespoke elearning solutions that play to people’s natural passion for achievement, rewards, competition and collaboration.

behind the lab

We would love to display all the industry-leading work we do on this page. However, sometimes you must keep your cards close to your chest. With this in mind, we are welcoming the opportunity to showcase our learning design to selected guests. Sharing some of our recent work in typography, animation, video, and storytelling in a more personal setting. See for yourself the boundaries we continue to push within learning design by filling out the form below. 

fenturi process poem 

Want to learn about our learning design process in the medium of poetry?