Lifelong learning in the face of a pandemic


Everyone is struggling through these hard times. Once the safety of yourself and those close to you has been prioritised, you can begin to think differently about what to do with your new-found spare time. Realistically, we’ve now reached the point where we may have to take greater control of our education and development. We’re fully aware that – at least for those without children at home – learning will not be front of mind yet. However, with uncertain times ahead and self-isolation a reality, a lot of spare time will inevitably follow.


The repercussions of a slump in productivity in both business and our personal development will have huge ripple effects. One way we can all help is to remain positive and productive at home by organising, planning, learning, and preparing. While business in many areas will be slow in the following months, it’s the ideal time to develop ourselves – and even use our new skills to help our employers at this time, and when greater normality has returned.

We all face challenges daily. However, adjusting how we are spending our free time could have huge benefits to our well-being and personal development. One way being, honing skills and the vocation of lifelong learning.


Lifelong learning is the ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. It’s fundamental to building strong communities, companies and economies. During this time, adopting a lifelong learning approach will help fight boredom and keep the brain active and healthy, which is something we all need now. Alongside this, lifelong learning can enhance our understanding of the world around us, provide personal growth and improve our quality of life.

We’re happy when we’re learning new skills, so it may help to think about how we can best benefit ourselves, the businesses we work for, or simply further our knowledge in our fields of interest. In the terms of learning design at Fenturi, we’re fully committed to lifelong learning and its benefits – by developing ourselves and meeting the ever-changing needs of our clients and the evolving L&D world.


In an ideal world, organisations would provide their employees with access to hours of relevant digital learning. This investment would not only ensure that they can enrich themselves, but also stay connected to their company’s values and culture. However, for many this is not the case. So, to carry on learning means educating ourselves. Technology is making our world smaller and more connected. There is learning out there, but in these uncertain times, we must be the ones to find it. 

what to do?

Let’s take control of our learning. You can educate yourself every single day in this crisis. You can take courses online, read books, watch YouTube videos, listen to podcasts. Alongside this, you can look at your work and organise and create plans for the future – plans which will all be possible to accomplish once the worst is behind us.

On your journey towards self-directed learning, we would recommend making learning goals on what you want to achieve. Build a library of learning resources and start to recognise learning as an achievement. Whilst it’s a time to prioritise well-being and health and safety, there’s also a chance to learn and develop. Let’s stay learning, stay safe and stay sane. 

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