Offline to online learning

In the Lab webinar summary, in this session, our consultant Chris Britton spoke about how to enhance facilitated learning with digital assets.

faciliated face to face training 

Facilitated face to face teaching can be a highly effective way to deliver learning objectives. An enthusiastic facilitator can be highly motivating, getting the learners involved and active. However, this format has traditionally been reliant on the ‘social’ experience of being in a shared physical space. As this has recently become almost impossible, the transition of putting this type of ‘offline’ training onto digital platforms has had mixed results.


 Facilitated learning has been forced to move online and into the webinar structure. Often facilitators are having one-way conversations reliant on lengthy PowerPoint presentations to guide the learners through content and required learning objectives. In many cases, this type of presentation will struggle to hold the attention of a virtual room full of people.

Chris demonstrated that virtual facilitated learning that utilises a variety of digital assets can invite greater engagement, and even replicate physical activities. Rather than a slide-based presentation that dominates the experience, the facilitator can have a variety of assets that frees them up to personalise and interact with the delegates.

If you picture an interactive video – with film, animation, and exercises for the delegates to complete, (alongside a guide or script) then the facilitator can now control the learning environment. It means they can control, pause, elaborate, explain, and allow time for discussions, for a richer and more engaging training experience.

The delegate is not staring at someone’s face or slides for an hour, and the facilitator is back to doing what they do best – facilitating. Chris brought all this best practice to life by showcasing a specific piece of work – the GoGreen Offline facilitated a session for DPDHL.

The techniques described here can be part of an overall digital solution – adapting work so that it can be delivered for self-directed digital learning and be adapted to be used for facilitator-led virtual sessions. This delivers more value, helps reach the maximum number of learners, all personalised to their preferred learning style.

Taking a virtual facilitated approach to the offline learning helps improves the consistency of delivery. Especially within the global environment due to the translation and localisation services available. Following the facilitated guide will make sure no content is missed and all sessions cover the set learning objectives. Importantly, there is still designated time for participation, making sure the learning can be personalised to each groups specific views and queries.

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