How can bespoke e-learning benefit your bottom line?

Businesses go to great lengths and expense to identify, interview, and hire great employees for their organisation. Therefore, retaining them should be a top priority. However, keeping hold of a competent team is challenging when their responsibilities are unclear.

This was the problem presented to our team by a business in need of a new solution. Immediately, we identified the root cause: a 12 week induction course lacking clear explanation and examples of the job role. To bring certainty and stability back to the business, Fenturi began crafting a bespoke e-learning online course designed to inform, engage and empower new recruits.

Why communication is the key to staff retention

When it comes to workplace training, we believe that quality is more important that quantity. Educating an audience is achieved through engaging content, and this was the key component that was missing from the induction course. Working with the client’s subject matter experts, Fenturi designed a 2 hour highly interactive, video-based e-learning solution to tackle this issue head-first.

Strong communication is essential when taking on new members of staff, as a lack of understanding can cause a quick exit from a confused new recruit. So, we moved a significant proportion of the face-to-face course online, using video to engage the new recruits and demonstrate a realistic day in the life in the job as well as the processes and tasks involved.

When do tailored learning solutions become brilliant results?

By cutting down on the time taken in F2F training to instead convey the responsibilities of the role clearly through a bespoke e-learning course, new team members are able to gain a good insight prior to going face-to-face. As a result, staff know straight away whether or not the job is right for them at the earliest possible stage.

Collaborating with Fenturi has helped to drastically improve staff turnaround, with new recruits more confident than ever on the requirements and objectives of the role. This satisfying solution brings our story to an end: not only has the business benefited from the huge cost-savings that staff retention has brought, but the company is now fully ready to add new talent to their growing team.

Brilliant outcomes

  • Reduced face to face training from 12 to 8 weeks
  • Provided huge cost benefits, as the revised induction programme paid for itself on the first intake
  • Improved staff retention dramatically over 18 months

 “Fenturi really managed to get under the skin of the issues we were having with our induction programme and came up with a solution that far exceeded our expectations. Potential recruits now get to see what the role entails before attending the residential training – a huge benefit in terms of time, cost, staff retention and productivity. I’d highly recommend Fenturi as a partner of choice.”