Compliance training

When does the challenging the norm become a fresh approach to compliance training?

With our elearning consultancy, we encourage our clients to think radically. Often, we find businesses can be reluctant to change, especially when it comes to technology. However, once the lid of the box is lifted, it becomes easy to see the wealth of benefits that challenging the status quo can bring.

This is the story of a compliance course in dire need of a refresh. Instead of merely fulfilling the initial brief, Fenturi provided an elearning consultancy phase that allowed us to determine the best way to break down the barriers that stood in the way of innovation.

Why outdated technology shouldn’t hold you back from forward thinking.

From the elearning consultancy phase, we could instantly see that significant enhancements could be made. The compliance course had become out-dated: in content, style and technology. However, where problems were identified, opportunities were born. This was a chance for us to collaborate with our client to craft a new compliance course that was user friendly, visually engaging and time-saving for the learner.

So, that’s exactly what we did. Working together, we redefined the rules of what makes compliance training successful. Knowing that staff would be required to complete the course every year; our priority was to build compliance training that was not only functional but flexible, accessible and future-proof.

When do bespoke elearning solutions become brilliant results?

Our dedicated team drove the project forward by encouraging the client to think big and look ahead. Now, learners can easily access the compliance training from their desktop, tablet or smartphone: this means that the course can be completed in a way that suits the individual. A pre-assessment was added to allow learners to go directly to the content they need to refresh their knowledge on, saving those more experienced staff significant time. This marks a satisfying end to the chapter, but only the start of a brilliant story. Our client now has a go-to team to deliver digital learning experiences that really make a difference.

Brilliant outcomes

  • Saved business £500K in time and cost savings
  • Reduced compliance course duration from 45 to 15 mins
  • Improved personal focus of compliance course with a pre-assessment
  • Made compliance training accessible from tablets and smartphones

“The pre-assessment sounds like an obvious time and cost saver but Fenturi helped us communicate the benefit to the business stakeholders. It’s all about working with the right agency to understand the learner needs and deliver brilliant content design.”

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