Cyber Security Training

The challenge 

There is a lot of important subject matter to cover in a cyber security training course. The biggest challenge we had to overcome was to create a course that addressed all the key points we deemed imperative to the learning, whilst at the same time keeping the learner engaged for the whole duration of the course. We insisted upon creating a technically rich course that was accessible for people who may not be technically minded. 

Compliance courses are notoriously dull, and cyber security is a very serious issue. This combination might result in a difficult learning experience for the user. Every course we build, we do so with the end-user experience at the forefront of our mind. We decided to limit the number of industry buzzwords within the course as we set out to make the experience simple and effective – and enjoyable.

We wanted to make clear that cyber security is everyone’s job; employees should understand the risk associated with cyber security and be taking measurable steps to reduce it. Human error accounts for over 90% of all breaches – so by training your employees on cyber security best practice, you are protecting your business against a cyber-attack in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The approach

We build beautifully designed content and this course is no exception, it’s designed in a light-hearted film noir animation style. We used a storytelling animation approach, which included game elements and real-life situations.

The cyber-security training course is set in a ‘first day at work’ scenario, putting the learning into a real-life context which we think is very important to do. We choose this as the user is introduced to the company’s policies and once the course is completed, they will understand the importance behind such policies. 

The course plays out in a ‘who’s done it scenario’ where at one point of the day the user has ‘misplaced’ their ID security card. Throughout the day the user encounters many real-life scenarios which are common entries to cyber-attacks. We used choice-based scenarios at these points to make the learner think and reflect on the actions.

We wanted the whole course to be one story, where many real-life interactions and everyday examples help make the compliance training interactive, fun and relatable. The reflection with the ‘who done it’ shows the interactions and examples the user did and ends the storytelling element with the learner fully engaged.

Our impactful learning solutions are always designed with people in mind. We create personalised and relevant learning which is beautifully designed. Behind which, is the use of storytelling to keep learners engaged and motivated to learn, even when it’s compliance training.  

The results

All the key learning points are seamlessly embedded in the course and by the end of the learning experience, learners will be able to:

  • Describe what information security is and why it’s important
  • Explain their responsibilities and those of the company and their suppliers
  • Outline the risks of non-compliance
  • Made the technical accessible
  • Recognise different types of data and be able to identify what is personal and/or confidential
  • Demonstrate that they know how to keep devices and data secure
  • Optimised for desktop and mobile


At Fenturi, we move learning beyond the boundaries of traditional approaches, placing it firmly in the hands of employees. We optimised the course for desktop and mobile to showcase our flexible capabilities for meeting the clients and their learners needs. This phone-based scenario was designed to be realistic in both content and design so the users will first relate, captivate and then learn.