Fire Safety & Fire Hazard Awareness is core training for every business. It’s most effective with scenario-based learning (SBL) as this promotes a deeper understanding and awareness, which is vital for this critical subject matter.

SBL works best in a realistic setting, so we set ourselves the challenge to transform the Fenturi HQ into a 3D environment. The initial challenge was to create a 3D environment that is as lifelike as possible, then add all the learning elements. The course had to be informative, interactive and realistic, allowing the learner to make judgements and reflect on the outcomes.

By using our unique intellectual property knowledge, we managed to implement the 3D environment into traditional learning management systems (LMS) without comprising on design and usability. With this knowledge, the Fire Safety & Fire Hazard Awareness course lends itself perfectly to 3D learning.

The approach

Our Fire Safety course, based in a 3D office environment, asks the learner to explore their surroundings and interact with a series of listed objects. From there they can decide for themselves whether each of the objects is a fire hazard or not. The aim of the course is to engage the learner, allowing them to use their knowledge and initiative to improve office health and safety for their company.

The 3D model provides a valuable safe practice space to develop the learner’s knowledge and skills in fire hazard perception and awareness. We took photos of our office building and reproduced the images in 3D using Unity software, creating an immersive and educational 3D experience. This course can also be integrated into Storyline, harnessing all the measurable benefits of using an LMS.

The results

Our 3D Fire Safety learning experience is completely user-focused. Setting the course in an ultra-realistic, sometimes familiar environment, adds to the user experience and sense of recall. The course integrates perfectly with mobile learning. Using the same techniques, we’ve been able to build games in our eLearning solutions. This desktop course is effective, with elements of ‘learnification’ embedded throughout the course. At the end of the Fire Safety & Fire Hazard Awareness course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand health and safety protocol within the office setting
  • Explain the reasons behind such policies
  • Use their transferable knowledge in other office settings in the future
  • Recognise different types of hazards within the office
  • Demonstrate fire prevention and how to act in the event of one

The flexibility

of 3d learning

They have the flexibility to do the course on mobile, desktop and web browser. The 3D learning courses we provide are built with a scorn API in mind, meaning a fluid communication between content objects and the LMS.