Games in learning are where entertainment meets education. Gamification has added necessary benefits within workplace learning and the future possibilities are endless. We develop gamification in learning that plays to people’s natural passion for achievement, rewards, competition and collaboration. If you are intrigued by our gamification methods, find our more by stepping inside our game design process.

If you were to observe everyday elearning gamification examples, you’ll most likely find short game elements within the elearning course, which help convey key points and keep learner attentive.

A less common gamification example include a larger game that itself is the whole learning experience. We call this learnification, it’s based on instead of adding game elements to the learning, you add learning elements to the game. The learning itself is gamified. Both options, when done correctly, can truly enhance the learner’s experience. 

Benefits of using gamification 

There are many benefits to adding gamification in learning, learning designers widely use the power of games in learning as everyone has a desire for achievement and rewards motivates the learners. Gamification techniques can influence behaviour, boost engagement levels, improve knowledge absorption, improve employee engagement, boost productivity, reduce absenteeism and increase sales.

elearning gamification examples

Getting to straight game, we are going to run through 3 different examples we’ve built in house to show the possibilities of corporate gamification.

Cyber Security hack

Your computer has been infected with a virus you must act quickly to extinguish the threat. This is a simple game that simulates a cyber-attack. The user must manoeuvre across the screen to stop the cyber threat. As games go, it’s a short, fun, reasonable difficulty, and an interactive break from the other learning elements. The game is positioned around the halfway mark, making sure the learner will stay engaged for the duration of the course.

Alongside these benefits, the game also has educational properties, teaching the learner about the risks associated with downloads and how to act when faced with a virus attack. You can view the video below.

Time management

Need to put your time management skills to the test? This is a very simple game, for anyone outside of the L&D bubble would look at the time management element below and wouldn’t class it as a game. However, within L&D these are the most common aspects of corporate gamification. This approach is cost effective and highly flexible and can make the most mundane topics interesting. You can play it for yourself below.

Fire safety awareness training

You’re going to have to use your imagination with this one. The original game was built for a client and due to client confidentiality, it cant be displayed on the website, just think of the example below but with more games elements built-in within it. The game was informative, interactive and realistic, allowing the learner to make judgements and reflect on the outcomes. Using these 3D techniques, we can create learnification perfect for the workplace setting.

To speak to us directly about introducing gamification or learnification in to your digital learning, you can call us on 0117 440 1000, email us at hello@fenturi.com or get in contact via the contact form below.