Health and safety elearning is a cost-effective and accessible way to provide training solutions that meet the obligations of businesses. Our health and safety elearning solutions build awareness of company-specific health, safety, and wellbeing concepts and regulations in an engaging and memorable way.

Employees will acquire the essential skills and knowledge to manage the risks within their work environment. We urge the learners to take the responsibility for their own health and safety, by doing so, our bespoke health and safety training assisted in creating a safe and healthy working environment for the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control services, who each year handle 2.4 million flights and 250 million passengers in UK airspace.


The brief was to refresh and update the suite of health and safety compliance training to align with the ‘Think, Act, Be Safe’ campaign and support NATS current health and safety strategy alongside driving better awareness on employee wellbeing and reporting culture.

The existing training was outdated and felt too long and dull and didn’t represent modern learning design. The updated training required to be no longer than 15 minutes and needed to raise awareness and be engaging and memorable so that learners changed their behaviour and create a safe and healthy environment for all. 

The health and safety compliance training is compulsory and needs to be completed annually by all employees at NATS, regardless of role or location. With that in mind, we set out to make the health and safety elearning clear and interesting for everyone at NATS. We made sure the learning covered both managers and employees responsibility, allowing the course to be tailored to these two different audiences and in hand creating shorter more engaging learning experiences.  


The training had little on-screen text, and used engaging audio, with interactive visual design elements. There way no assessment at the end of the course, although learners had to ‘sign up’ to take responsibility for their own health and safety.

  • Was audio-driven, with animated graphics throughout to engage the learner
  • Had fun interactions that brought some of the key concepts to life
  • Had consistent and persuasive messaging around the importance of the NATS safety behaviours 
  • Used scenarios to allow learner to consider what they’ve learnt in real-life situations 

The Look & Feel followed the TABS (Think, Act, Be Safe) visual brand and iconography. The solution was to build a 10-minute interactive eLearning course in HTML5, suitable for tablet users, including male narration for the following topics:

  • Health & safety awareness for managers and employees
  • Fire safety
  • Desk screen equipment
  • Reporting culture
  • Wellbeing


Here are a few examples of screens where animated graphics were used to tell a story.  On each of these screens, the visuals animated in time with the voiceover to emphasise key points. Some elements of these screens are also interactive, allowing learners to explore the graphic to find out more.


  • Designing really interesting bespoke interactions to engage the learners
  • Delivering a visually impactful learning experience that aligned to the TABS brand
  • Receiving great feedback from a member of the LMS support team who reviews all the eLearning content that is loaded onto the NATS LMS congratulating us for creating a “slick, quick and easy to understand” health and safety elearning experience!

    Prioritising health, safety and wellbeing is imperative to staff retention and company culture. Do you need to get your employees take responsibility of their health and safety, whilst building awareness on wellbeing? Please get in touch at or click use the contact form below.