Product Training

One of the world largest banks asked us to create a design for a suite of courses that would familiarise employees with new payment card and account products available to their customers.


We have worked with this client for many years, with over 50 different projects, so we are familiar with the challenge of presenting detailed, financial information in a way that is accessible to employees around the world. We needed to ensure that the key features of each product were clearly explained, with a focus on the benefits and how they relate to customers’ needs. Learners should be able to apply the sales framework to any customer conversations they might have and be equipped to handle objections if in a sales role.


Our solution was to use customer stories to bring the product benefits and sales based scenarios to life and demonstrate the human impact. Audio narration was used across the courses to clearly explain the technical terms and details of the product, whilst reducing the need to read on screen text. Supporting visuals and interactions along with the scenarios help to simplify and reinforce the key points, and knowledge checks allow the learners to practice what they have learned and check they have understood.

The course layout design has the flexibility to allow for different learning requirements across the range of products. A bold look and feel, closely aligned with the visual language of the brand delivers a cohesive design. We worked closely with the project teams to understand the individual products and what made each of them great for customers. This enabled us to tailor each course to the learning requirements for the individual product.


The end result was a suite of courses that enable learners to quickly build on the knowledge and skills they need during customer conversations and sales activities. The client welcomed our flexible and accommodating’ approach and has been extremely pleased with the resulting ‘highly professional e-learning’ and the ‘great feedback’ received from their learners.

If product training or sales training is an interest to you, we would recommend our gamified sales training case study and our sales simulation case study. To speak to us directly about product training and sales training, or any of your learning needs, call us on 0117 440 1000, email us at or get in touch via the contact form below.