In a ubiquitous social media age, it’s vital that your staff have clear guidance on the do’s and don’ts of your social media policy. The stakes are high when it comes to improper social media use – with the potential to damage an organisation’s reputation and threaten an employee’s job role. We wanted to design a digital learning course that strikes the right note. Raising awareness of the seriousness of the issues – yet keeping it playful and engaging, simple and relatable, and importantly, memorable.

The approach

Our social media workplace training course draws on everyday, real-world scenarios. The course places a phone directly in the user’s hands, as it were, and continuously asks them to make decisions.

Reflecting real-life social apps and decision-making, the learner must choose whether to ‘POST’ or ‘CANCEL’ a series of public social media messages in a fast pace sequence, that reflects the speed in which people use social media. If they choose to post, the response comes in the form of comments from friends – arguably more persuasive than advice from the more traditional, faceless expert. If they cancel, they are given separate feedback in an alert box.

At the end they are shown the posts that would have caused problems for themselves and the company if uploaded, all demonstrating one key point: ‘think before you post’. We also thought it was important to show the learner how quickly an inappropriate post can gain ‘likes’ and shares to drive home how important it is to consider what you post.

The brief quiz style is based on microlearning theory: ‘bite-sized’ learning content to improve comprehension and retention. The format makes the user think fast, then have time to reflect on their decisions. The smartphone in the scenarios makes the course feel relatable and interactive. Video backgrounds with overlaid content gives the text being typed a familiar, relaxed context and the simple line-style representations of unbranded social media elements adds to the familiar touch.

The results

This social media policy training course is available on all devices, and only takes five minutes to complete. It can be tailored to individual businesses and adapted to include a company’s own social media policy. Short and cost-effective, this choice-based course promises to engage and deliver on key learning points. By the end of the course learners will be able to demonstrate an understanding of what is and isn’t appropriate to say online and remember the importance of pausing before posting.


When applicable the microlearning approach means we can provide a short and cost-effective learning solution for the cilent. Alongside this, the bite-sized learning content creates an effective, engaging and enjoyable experience for the learner.


Alternatively, have you got a training module that will fit this short and cost-effective format? Let’s arrange a meeting and discuss how we can best meet your training objectives. A demo of this module is also available to request here.