Speed of deployment 

Some learning courses can be planned ahead of time, others need to respond quickly to market conditions. One of our largest global clients offers a retail financial product that is impacted by changing interest rates. It is essential that core sales and product information is updated quickly along with teaching materials explaining how new features and benefits are best explained to customers. Our speed of deployment comes from excellent templates, with proven content development processes steered by Fenturi’s first class project management. 

flexible technology

In other instances speed to market, in an affordable and effective solution requires flexibility beyond existing large scale Learning Management Systems. We understand that our clients sometimes need a platform better suited to tactical initiatives; this could be for the run up to a conference, where welcome messaging and key information needs to be shared, a specific leadership & managment engagement, pre-boarding new employees before they enter the business, or product knowledge for distribution partners / resellers outside the LMS. In these cases Fenturi recommends Luma1 – an immersive, dynamic and interactive smart video platform. 

Benefits of Luma1:

  • Create interactive video content, both original or by re-purposing existing assets 
  • Curate and manage your library of existing video content 
  • Create learning journeys and training courses with interactivity,  questions and polls
  • Capture data on engagement and completion rates 
  • Embedd SCORM content
  • Audio and subtitle translation into 40+ languages