Translation and Localisation

When does corporate e-learning become an engaging global experience?

For any business, teaching a team about the fundamentals of finance can be a challenge in itself: driving engagement and maintaining interest is the key, but how to achieve this is not always clear. Imagine the challenge, then, that a global company faces when trying to capture the attention of over 10,000 members of staff located around the world.

A solution is needed to provide each employee with a positive learning experience that is relevant to their respective countries and culture. This is where our story begins; with a dedicated team of designers and developers working to deliver a bespoke e-learning course that would engage learners all around the globe.

Why cultural diversity presents opportunity

Finance is an area that sits firmly outside the comfort zone for many learners, so naturally, the prospect of teaching it to a vast global audience was daunting for our client. However, this challenge presented an opportunity for the company to reposition themselves as leaders in the learning sphere, providing experiences that were tailored through language and culture.

Having reviewed the requirement and the global spread of the target audience, we decided that e-learning would be the best method of delivery. Our solution consisted of six modules of bespoke, interactive e-learning translated and localised into 22 different languages. Creating localised content ensured that the digital course catered to the needs of each member of staff, wherever their office was based.

How translating a course can bring brilliant results

Reaching 10,000 learners, this e-learning course was a complete success. Fenturi delivered a quality solution that continues to be enjoyed by learners around the world. Now, the company can rest assured that each member of staff across their globally dispersed workforce has full access to finance training materials that are culturally appropriate and easy to understand. Our work here was done: we took a brief and made it brilliant. What was once a looming challenge had evolved into a global success.

Brilliant outcomes

  • Reached 10,000 learners
  • Catered to all learners across the globe with relevant and engaging localised content
  • Created consistent understanding of finance fundamentals throughout the business

“This course was absolutely fantastic. No doubts. We really reached people around the globe who do not receive this learning in a classroom.”