Unconscious bias training

Ready-To-Go Elearning course 

Fenturi’s Unconscious Bias course provides an impactful experiential learning experience. The course offers a fresh perspective as its focus is on the feelings and choices of the learner rather than rules and policies. 

Unconscious bias training exercise- choose a person
Unconscious bias training exercise - Who would you ask for IT help?
    The design approach includes:
  • Interactive video which is led by audio narration and calming music
  • Quick and easy interactions within a clear and neutral learning environment
  • An immersive experience with intuitive navigation to reduce distractions

The separate exercises include:

  • Reflecting on whether your decisions are rational
  • Exploring the implications of making immediate judgements
  • Choosing people based on gut instinct in a range of situations
  • Practise candidate selection for hiring and team selection 

The course is SCORM compliant, so you can host the game on your own LMS or webpage. The course is available either as a ready to go course or customisable to your brand. We can also provide translations in 32 different languages.

unconscious-bias-training pick a shape
unconscious-bias-training pick a letter

By the end of the course learners will be able to: 

    • Recognise their own Unconscious Bias
    • Understand how it affects their decisions in the workplace
  • Be mindful of situations where UB is particularly relevant
  • Practise candidate selection for hiring and selecting teams

TRAILER – unconscious bias training