unconscious bias training

How can video revolutionise workplace culture?

Picture yourself in a morning meeting about unconscious bias in the workplace. You might view it as important but, with so much time-sensitive work to take care of, it’s unlikely it will stick in your mind long after the meeting has finished.

This was the challenge presented to our team by a client, and this is the story of how we broke through the mould to engage a large audience about an issue that’s critical to any business: diversity in the workplace.


After failing to capture the attention of their audience, businesses can be too quick to put internal issues on the backburner. Often, it takes a fresh perspective to identify an effective solution. It was time for a new approach, one which Fenturi were more than happy to provide.

With a large and dispersed global audience, we believed the best way to tackle this topic was to show, not tell. So, we got to work creating short animations and authentic video scenarios to bring to life the subject of unconscious bias in a light-hearted yet effective way.

Our team felt passionately that these videos would have a positive impact on the workplace culture and, after viewing the final cut, the business did too. It was time to put our tactics to the test.

When do engaging videos become brilliant results?

Using captivating visuals and engaging infographics, the course can clearly and quickly explain what unconscious bias is, the impact it can have and the benefits of diversity in the workplace. Now, diversity exists at every level of the company, and there is an active effort to keep unconscious bias at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

No more tiresome talks, boring booklets and endless emails: instead, a powerful media-rich course that is meaningful and memorable to all members of staff. Our story ends with a solution that not only updated a course, but changed a culture. In our books, that’s what brilliant is all about.

Brilliant outcomes

  • Generated huge interest in the subject of diversity
  • Created positive change in workplace culture
  • Engaged a global audience

“Fenturi always come with ideas that help us meet our business objectives, no matter how challenging the subject matter. Their commitment to innovation is critical.”

If unconscious bias training is an interest to you, we would recommend our ‘In The Lab’ unconscious bias training project. To speak to us directly about diversity in the workplace, or any of your learning needs, call us on 0117 440 1000, email us at hello@fenturi.com or get in touch using the contact form below.