The virtual reality training challenge 

Virtual Reality in learning and development is here to stay. Virtual Reality Training creates an immersive experience for the learner, so much so that the learner can feel like they are actually doing the simulated task in real life. It usually works best combined with technical learning that involves repetition – the old mantra of practice makes perfect fits very well with Virtual Reality Training. Through simulation and a hands-on approach, the learner can practice in real-time, safe in the knowledge that they can fail and try again, all the while learning from their mistakes.

We’ve seen excellent examples of Virtual Reality Training in machine operating training – guiding the learner through a complicated procedure in a simple way. Virtual Reality Training works just as well for health and safety training – the real-life scenarios means the learner can be completely immersed without risk to their health.

We decided to create a Virtual Reality (VR) learning solution based on health and safety training. We wanted to showcase its effectiveness in this field; the level of detail and flexibility that a VR solution can offer. Follow the link to find out about Fenturi’s sales simulation training case study.

The approach

Our fire safety scenario takes place on a moving train. Safety is paramount for passengers and rail employees. This HSE training course is designed in full compliance with Network Rail Group Standards. It promotes a positive health and safety culture, where safe and healthy working becomes second nature to everyone.

The learner must act fast to extinguish a fire from a faulty lithium battery. This think and act fast response is perfected in VR, so if and when the situation arises in real life, they feel more prepared.

The results

You choose the viewing platform. We understand that using PC-based tethered VR headsets on scale can be costly, so we’ve allowed the flexibility of cross-device delivery to make sure this learning solution can best meet our clients’ needs. The training can be run on either mobile or desktop. Have a look at the trailer of our train fire safety experience to see the results.




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