improving employees’ problem solving skills with digital learning

Are you ready to put your problem solving skills to the test?


  • The best way to learn is to try the ‘Your Creative Mind’ activity yourself.
  • Don’t forget to share your results on LinkedIn afterwards.
  • Read Fenturi’s ‘Skills for the Future’ report to find out more about meta skills.
  • Download the ‘Problem Solving’ toolkit to continue to develop your problem solving skills.

Problem solving training delivered digitally

Fenturi’s “Your Creative Mind” activity helps you to start thinking about how you approach problems.

Take the course and ask yourself, did you get frustrated? Maybe you found it helpful to take notes? We all have our own ways of facing challenges. At Fenturi we help learners to overcome barriers, and learn new approaches to improve what everyday problem solving looks like.

The experience is built in articulate storyline 360, drawing from different learning techniques and technology such as video, illustration, animation, gamification and microlearning.
The aim is to make the screen purple. You can select, drag, and rotate items to fill the screen with purple. In total there are 10 levels with increasing difficulty. You are aiming to get the lowest score.
If you get stuck you can use the hints or instructions, but the number of times you use them will add to your score. Hints will give you a brief clue (1 point). Instructions will guide you step by step (2 points).

You are aiming to get the lowest score

developing your employees’ meta skills

Our team of designers built ‘Your Creative Mind’ experience to help employees learn more about how they respond to challenges. But why should you put resources into developing your employee’s meta skills?

Organisations need to continually be learning to help them adapt to change. Employees with good Meta skills are likely to be more responsive to change at work as they have the confidence and ability to take on new challenges. This can be supported by digital experiences such as Your Creative Mind.

We are developing other prototypes on how to support the development of meta skills in other areas such as ‘Active Learning’ and ‘Analytics’. If you want to understand your employees attitude to these topics, and their expectations for Meta skills training at work download Fenturi’s ‘Skills for the Future report‘.

You can also download our ‘Problem Solving toolkit’ a helpful summary of tips on how to approach problems at work that accompanies the ‘Your Creative Mind’ experience. For further information read the ‘Are we supporting the right kind of growth’ presentation deck below.

We are a digital learning agency that is creatively driven and human focused. Put us to the test and work with us to develop meta skills training for your organisation. To speak to one of our digital learning consultants, you can call on 0117 440 1000, email at or fill in the contact form below.