2020 Quality score : 5/5

If you’ve worked with us before, you may already be familiar with the hot pink welcome screen of the Fenturi satisfaction survey.
At the end of each project, this is one of the ways that we discover if we’ve delivered a solution that has delighted our customers and their learners, if their experience been a positive one, and if it has delivered tangible results for their business.
Today, customer experience is everything: it’s piqued to be the main brand differentiator of 2020, above even product and price (Walker study, 2020), and this is no exception for the digital learning industry.
We’ve tinkered with our satisfaction survey to create something simple and sophisticated, with the right prompts and questions types to get the answers that we need to learn most effectively and innovate the ways that we can make the next project better than the last.
We have a higher than average customer retention rate – which is testament to the loyalty of our clients and our ability to design reliable solutions that work. Yet, this isn’t something we take for granted.
We continue to track our cx scores – to hold ourselves accountable to our scores, and to show our clients and peers our commitment to quality and exceptional customer experience.
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