Fenturi’s average client satisfaction score for 2020 was 5 out of 5.

how did we do it?

One of the benefits of using a digital learning agency is not only their specialist skills but also the opportunity for a fresh perspective. An agency will have a different world view because they work in a different environment. As a client, you simply need to invite them in to get to know you properly. At Fenturi, we call this the ‘discovery phase’ and it’s proved to be a crucial for all our best projects. It’s not a complex idea, it’s simply finding the time for collaboration and having a guided conversation.

  • What do the learners think, feel and do?
  • Does the company culture encourage learning?
  • What is the larger context behind the learning objectives, what does the change mean for the learner?
  • What is their working environment like, what time can they give to the course?
  • How can we capture behaviours before and after the course, how can we build a proxy for return on investment?

How a discovery phase can set you up for success

Having an open and human conversation will allow your agency to create a course that is the catalyst for the change you seek. Here are some specific examples of how a discovery phase has set up success on our client projects:

  • An enthusiastic client wanted to include many hours of content, but by giving us time to review and prioritise. This allowed us to create a shorter storyboard that kept the learner’s attention. Resulting in condensing some technical content as examples rather than a standalone section. Which in hand increased the overall effectiveness.
  • A project where a thorough discovery meant we had a forensic understanding of the subject and learning objectives. When a last-minute decision was made for the course to be mobile first, we were able to adapt interactive elements quickly.
  • A product owner who had lived and breathed their release every day for months. Using a discovery phase enabled us to create customer scenarios that aligned to those features, but from the customer perspective.
  • We challenged the requirements for a laborious pre-assessment. Instead, we introduced self-reflective questions more appropriate for a performance management process.
  • A proper analysis of the audience uncovered a cohort who did not have access to a computer, and that facilitator led training would be impossible. We created an interactive video, where the characters in the video facilitated the discussion and activities. 
  • Using discovery to identify the case for a pilot programme. This allows us to track the reduction in time to onboard new staff and win support of more stakeholders. This ultimately quantified the value in hours saved and led to full roll out across the wider group.

fenturi’s top tops for a successful discovery phase

Try to start a dialogue with your agency as early as possible and with an open mind, not a fixed perspective on the final output. When the client’s focus is on providing good content, information and all the subject matter expertise unique to them, the agency can create authentic and effective learning solutions.

It can be tempting to think you are saving time by shortcutting the discovery phase, but it is a false economy. A good agency will push back and insist on taking time to set things up well and the client will eventually by very thankful you did. This is one of the ways how we got our 5 out of 5 quality score. To find out more about our commitment to quality and exceptional customer experience, please read the client satisfaction survey section below.

fenturi’s client satisfaction survey

If you’ve worked with us before, you may already be familiar with our commitment to quality and client satisfaction. At the end of each project, we send our client a satisfaction survey. This is one of the ways that we discover if we’ve delivered a solution that has delighted our customers and their learners, if their experience been a positive one, and if it has delivered tangible results for their business.

Today, customer experience is everything. It’s piqued to be the main brand differentiator of 2020, above even product and price (Walker study, 2020), and this is no exception for the digital learning industry. We’ve tinkered with our satisfaction survey to create something simple and sophisticated, with the right prompts and questions types to get the answers that we need to learn most effectively and innovate the ways that we can make the next project better than the last.

We have a higher than average customer retention rate. Which is testament to the loyalty of our clients and our ability to design reliable solutions that work. Yet, this isn’t something we take for granted. We continue to track our cx scores. Holding ourselves accountable to our scores, and to show our clients and peers our commitment to quality and exceptional customer experience.

If you want to work with a digital learning agency that is committed to quality and expectational customer experience. And are intrigued to find out how our discovery phase can work for your learning and development strategy, you can call on 0117 440 1000, email at hello@fenturi.com or fill in the contact form below.

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