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We have delivered large scale foundation level training in Sustainability to some of the world’s largest corporate organisations. It’s a topic that is gathering tremendous momentum as businesses rebuild from the pandemic and look ahead to their future growth plans.

The government will publish its Net Zero Strategy in the autumn of this year, ahead of hosting the international COP 26 summit in November. There are already numerous grants, investment plans and legislation to boost demand for low carbon alternatives in energy, transport and construction. With state support and growing consumer demand, businesses need both a Sustainability strategy and an employee engagement plan to take advantage.


There are many reasons to have a Sustainability strategy beyond the simply ethical. Investor pressure is increasingly the driving force (ethical stocks now outperform their rivals) along with the need to innovate to remain competitive, whilst boosting productivity and reducing costs.

There is also the case that it helps secure talent as Sustainability is proven to be a hugely motivating part of corporate culture. If you’re not convinced, then consider this statistic – in less than 5 years, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. 70% of those millennials expect their employers to focus on mission driven problems or will seek work elsewhere.

fenturi at london climate action week 2021 

At Fenturi we are experts at helping employees to shift their mindset and become open to new ideas and ways of working. This is a critical element to introducing new innovations that actually get adopted by staff. So we have designed our upcoming workshop at LCAW 2021 to demonstrate how our bespoke learning design services can help organisations to deliver Sustainability based learning at scale.

We will be sharing case studies on low carbon learning solutions that reinforce a positive and innovative culture, with staff better able and motivated to take on the challenges of transitioning to a low carbon future.  The session will include examples in three key areas:

  • Sustainability foundation training – designed to educate entire workforces about the key issues, address their mindset to ensure positive engagement, and get them to proactively act towards helping achieve targets
  • Digital transformation – advice and examples on how to take traditional instructor led classroom training (often with a large carbon footprint from travelling to venues) and integrating (or replacing) with digital led solutions with more impact, better reach and less carbon emissions.
  • Data and Artificial Intelligence training – Some of the solutions to reduce emissions are reliant on new technology coupled with a shift in mindset about accepted ways of working. To truly harness your entire workforce’s brainpower, it’s not enough to have your data scientists working in a silo. We have examples to share about how to educate entire workforces about the potential for AI in making businesses more efficient.

Fenturi’s consultants will breakdown the approach to each of the challenges and how we unlocked the psychological barriers associated with asking people to change the way they work. The session will include several examples of the actual learning content and opportunities to ask questions and discuss how these types of learning could work for your organisation.

Digital learning can be the difference in getting wide scale employee engagement in driving innovation and growth, whilst helping to combat climate change.

To speak to us directly about sustainability training and incorporating digital learning into your sustainability strategy, call us on  0117 440 1000, email us at or get in touch by using the contact form below.

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