Empowering staff performance with learning technology

There is an ever-growing need for compliance and risk courses on both a corporate and an individual basis. Here our client, a law firm operating in over 150 countries, wanted to implement a compliance series not just for their own people but one they would use to add value to their clients across the globe.

The challenge

Our client wanted to challenge the perception of compliance training so the project had to presented in a fresh way and be different other courses so we set out to redefine the learner engagement.

The solution

Fenturi worked with the client to create a fully responsive course using authentic scenarios of real business challenges. The use of a virtual guide provided support and information to the learner as they progressed. As compliance courses are taken on an annual basis, we designed ‘knowledge checks ‘so that users who had retained knowledge would only have to revisit areas they weren’t clear on.

The outcomes

With mobile friendly e-Learning courses, the learning could be done on the move allowing for users to pick the time, place and even which device they could do it on. The economic value of the e-Learning enabled the client to deliver the package to a global audience, breaking down geographical barriers. The design also allowed our client’s clients to measure uptake and learning outcomes better than ever before.

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